Holiday Tree Recycling in Long Beach, CA

How to Dispose of Christmas Trees in Long Beach, CA

The presents are opened and the out of town guests are on their way home. If you don’t want to be the guy that still has their Christmas tree on display for St. Patrick’s Day, you’re going to need to dispose of it. Luckily, the City of Long Beach has a program to recycle our Holiday trees, or TreeCycling.

According to the Long Beach Recycles website, you can place your tree “where your trash is normally collected by 7:00 am on Saturday January 7, 2012 and your tree will be picked up and recycled.” Don’t forget to remove the lights, decorations, and tree stands, and all trees over 12’ must be cut in half.

If you’d like the tree out of your living room sooner, there will be several drop-off locations available throughout the city.  Residents of Park Estates will find the closest tree recycling location at the CSULB Recycling Center, located at 5800 Atherton Blvd, or at Stearns Park on the corner of 23rd St. and Roycroft.

Click here for a map of other locations.

We hope you had a wonderful Holiday season, full of joy, family, and fun.


Coralyn Wahlberg

Keller Williams Pacific Estates


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