Expanded Plastic Bag Ban in Long Beach

Expanded Plastic Shopping Bag Ban in Long Beach California

The New Year in Long Beach brings the expanded plastic shopping bag ban on January 1st. As I’m sure you’re aware, back in August, Long Beach began the ban on free “one time use” plastic shopping bags – lessening the impact on our environment and helping to improve the general cleanliness of Long Beach. The first stores that were impacted by the ban were the big chain stores, and now that ban is expanded to smaller businesses such as pharmacies, convenience stores, and farmer’s markets. No more plastic grocery bags will be given in Long Beach, and if necessary, a paper bag will be provided for a 10 cent fee.

What does this mean to us? We just have to remember to bring our reusable bags to more stores, which shouldn’t be too hard since we’ve already had a few months of practice.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to try and remember my reusable shopping bags before I get inside the store. Here are some tips to help us remember:

  • A handy item I’ve found is a fold-able shopping tote that fits into my handbag (or on a key-chain, or in a pocket), such as these totes on Magellans.com. Mine holds more groceries than two plastic shopping bags put together.
  • As soon as you unpack your groceries, immediately put the bags where you will remember to use them again. Don’t put them in the closet– put them near the front door or back in the car.
  • Try putting a note on your dashboard until you get in the habit of bringing them into the store with you.

What if I Forget My Reusable Bags? Do I Have to Pay for a Paper Bag?

Retailers do charge 10 cents per paper bag if you need one. However, if you’re already shopping or are at the checkout before you remember – don’t panic. It isn’t necessary to pay for a paper bag if you’ve left your bags in the car. Just have your groceries placed back into your cart after you pay for them, and bag your groceries when you get to the car. If you have a plan, there is hardly ever a reason to pay for a paper grocery bag.

Are Reusable Grocery Bags Safe?

Whereas some may have concerns about the cleanliness of reusable shopping bags, with proper care and cleaning reusable tote bags can last for a long time. LitterFreeLB.com has some tips regarding reusable tote bags. Many cloth and fabric tote bags are machine washable, and plastic tote bags can often be hand washed with soap and water or a disinfectant wipe. They also recommend dedicating one tote for meat products and another for produce – both of these should be laundered regularly.

Happy Shopping!


Coralyn Wahlberg

Keller Williams Pacific Estates




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