Recreation, Education, and Enrichment Classes in Long Beach, CA

Many Recreation, Education, and Enrichment Classes Offered In Long Beach…

Now that December is behind us, and good weather is returning (faster than expected), it seems like a great time to get out in the city and try new things. A great way to sample what this great city has to offer is to take one of the many low-cost or free classes offered throughout the city.

The City of Long Beach offers many fun and reasonably priced classes to residents through its Parks, Recreation, and Marine program. Class offerings are for many interests, such as Dance, Cooking, Music, or Art. If you made a resolution this year to improve your health or fitness, there are many exciting fitness options available, such as Zumba, Fit Camp, Yoga, Martial Arts, and Aerobics for all fitness levels.

If your canine companion is a bit unruly, or you’d like to improve their leash skills, there are Canine Classes for Obedience and Agility. There are even classes available for us to take advantage of our city’s location on the water, such as sailing, kayaking, or even canoe trips to brunch through Naples.

In the Youth Division, there are many classes to choose from, including Dance, Sports, Music, Driver’s Education, and even Tutoring in Math and SAT prep.

The Long Beach Water Department offers free landscaping classes to residents at their location at 1800 E. Wardlow Rd. from 9:30am to 1:00pm. Classes cover topics such as landscape design, plant selection, irrigation, and hardscape. For a list of class dates and topics, click here.

Another interesting class lets you experience the best view of the Long Beach waterfront upside down –  in the Downward Dog position, that is! Weekdays at 11 am at The Bluff there are yoga classes offered by Trilogy Yoga for a donation in the open sea air. For a schedule, see here.

I hope this has provided some valuable insight into how we can utilize the wealth of education our wonderful city has to offer.

See you in class!


Coralyn Wahlberg

Keller Williams Pacific Estates


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