Winter Water Wonderland in Long Beach, CA

Cool Weather Beach Activities in Long Beach, CA

Even though it’s winter, there are plenty of reasons to head out to the beach right now that don’t require a swimsuit… unless you’re planning on participating in a “Polar Plunge”, that is!

Each year, during the cold winter months, Gray Whales swim down the coast from Alaska towards the warm waters of Baja, passing Long Beach along the way. The best way to view these magnificent mammals is to hop aboard a whale watching tour, such as the cruises offered by Harbor Breeze.  I braved the chilly air and choppy waters on a whale watching tour last year, but we didn’t see much that day. However, this year the whales have turned up in record numbers, so I’d like to go out for another try.

If you’d like to make a day of it, Harbor Breeze Cruises has partnered with The Aquarium of the Pacific – offering a combo price including the cruise and a day at the aquarium. For more information and ticket prices, click here.

What’s happening at the Aquarium of the Pacific this week?

The Aquarium of the Pacific is offering special extended hours today (January 16th), and will offer discount admission from 5pm to 9pm. View the nocturnal activities of marine life, sip a hot cocoa, and enjoy an evening at the aquarium.

On Thursday, January 19th from 7-9pm, the aquarium will present a guest speaker, Dr. Ellen Prager. She will discuss her new book, “Sex, Drugs, and Sea Slime: The Ocean’s Oddest Creatures and Why They Matter”. The book is about the wildly interesting activities of sea life that help them survive, reproduce, and find food.  I found a review of this book on the NPR website, and it sounds like a fascinating presentation, and for only $5 admission!

This Saturday, January 21is California’s 3rd Annual Underwater Parks Day. The Aquarium of the Pacific is one of five aquariums in Southern California hosting an event to educate the public about Marine Protected Areas in Southern California. How do we visit an underwater park? Guests of the aquarium will learn how to explore these parks by diving, kayaking, and more. In the aquarium’s Honda Theater, there will be presentations given by underwater photographers, abalone experts, and a diver participating in a local monitoring project.

Jump in, the water’s… freezing!

If you really had your heart set on jumping into the cold Pacific Ocean, you can head down to the beach and jump right in… go for it! But, for many of us, there would have to be a worthy cause to make us consider such a thing.  One worthy cause might be the “Polar Plunge” event to benefit Special Olympics of Southern California. The event will take place on February 18th, 2012 at three locations: Oceanside Pier, Zuma Beach, and Castaic Lake. For more information on the event, visit the Special Olympics website.

Considering the fact that half of the country will get snow tomorrow, we should be thankful that we have such mild weather here in Long Beach. Go outside and take advantage of it. However you choose to enjoy our great weather this week, have fun!


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Keller Williams Pacific Estates


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  1. terry says :

    let’s do the polar plunge…:-)

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