Spring is here, Time for Spring Cleaning…

Since our time just “sprang forward” on Sunday, it sounds like a good time to tackle some Spring Cleaning. Time to dust and scrub every inch of the house (at least the parts I can reach).

Here are a few, often overlooked cleaning tasks to help keep your house running smoothly and looking its best.

  1. Change your air filter. Optimally this should be done every 3 months, but it’s easy to forget about it. Even if you’re usually great about staying on top of this task, chances are you were running the heater a little more often last month, so it’s probably time to replace. I like using the higher performance filters from 3M, which help with pollen, pet dander, and dust particles.
  2. Open the doors and windows. Even if your air filter has been changed, it’s still a great idea to open all your doors and windows to let in some nice, warm spring air. While they’re open, I like to vacuum, clean, and lubricate the tracks on the window sills. This helps the windows open and close nicely.
  3. Clean light fixtures. This seems like a common-sense thing to do, but how often do we actually pull down the glass covers and wash them? It takes just a few minutes, but makes the lights shine a little brighter (without the accumulated bug corpses). While you’re at it, replace any burned out light bulbs.
  4. Get your carpets cleaned. There are many local carpet cleaning companies that will clean not only your carpet, but tile floors, upholstery, and even your air ducts. If that’s outside of your budget, at least rent a good carpet cleaner and get the traffic stains up, which will help prolong the life of your carpet.
  5. Call an HVAC service person. Get your heater and air conditioning units inspected, and ducts cleaned if necessary.
  6. De-clutter. This is the most important and most overlooked step in getting your house “magazine cover” beautiful. (I am often guilty of forgetting to do this.) Go through your closets and donate anything you haven’t worn in a long time. It may seem like a “waste” to give perfectly good items away, but maybe someone in need can actually make use of it. What you’ll gain is a closet that you can actually organize. Also, go through kitchen drawers and get rid of items you don’t need, never use, or are broken. Do you really need one solitary corn cob holder?
  7. Clean out the fridge and freezer. This goes along with the de-cluttering concept, but how often do you look in the freezer and find a U.F.O (unidentified frozen object). Take a few minutes and clear everything out of the fridge and freezer. Wash the shelves and baskets, and only put back what is not expired, wilted, or gross.

Happy Spring!


Coralyn Wahlberg

Keller Williams Pacific Estates



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The Wahlberg Group are Real Estate specialists based in Long Beach and Orange County, California.

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