3 Easy Green Home Projects You Can Do In One Day!

Here are 3 easy projects you can do today help reduce your home energy usage.

Who doesn’t look at their bills each month and wish they could make them smaller? Turns out, just a few simple changes can help make a difference and will help your home run more efficiently. I’m sharing three quick projects that can be done in one day to help reduce your home energy usage.

Project #1 – Change your bulbs.

From HomeDepot.com

From HomeDepot.com

Replace your most frequently used light bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs. Sure, the LED bulbs can be a little expensive at first, but there are significant energy and environmental savings. By now most of us have replaced our incandescent bulbs with CFL or fluorescent bulbs, however the fluorescent bulbs can contain mercury — a dangerous substance to come into contact with if one of the bulbs happens to break. LED bulbs last longer, and don’t take minutes to warm up and are not prone to flickering like CFL bulbs.

Project #2 – Replace your air filter

from HomeDepot.com

from HomeDepot.com

Change your air filter for your heating and air conditioning system! Ideally this should be done every 90 days. Not only does it help improve the performance of your furnace and help save energy, a fresh filter can help improve indoor air quality by filtering dust, pollen, dander, and other allergens. Not to mention, premium air filters claim to help filter bacteria, mold, smoke, smog, and even viruses. (Great for Cold/Flu season!)


Project #3 – Banish phantom energy drains

From HomeDepot.com

From HomeDepot.com

Turning off electronics but leaving them plugged into the wall can raise your electric bill. When you leave your phone charger plugged into the wall all day, whether it’s charging the phone or not, the charger is slowly draining energy from the plug by keeping electricity available at all times. Simply unplugging items that you’re not using at the moment can help lower your electric bills. Think of things you don’t use all day when you’re gone – the  phone charger, toaster, coffee maker, blow dryer, flat iron, radio, microwave, computer, television, cable box…  it all starts to add up. Try plugging items into power strips and turning off the power strip when you leave for the day. Not only will it help stop the energy drain, but a surge protector can help protect your electronics.

This was just three examples, but there are lots of simple changes we can do to help our homes run more efficiently and reduce strain on valuable and expensive resources. Those small changes can add up to a big difference for our planet and our wallets.

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